Dan Gilman and Anna Devere specialize in how to reinvent life in a changing world. When life threw them a curveball, they teamed up to continue the legacy of “Discover Your Potential.” The successful radio show was hosted by Dan's mother Cindy Gilman for over 30 years. Dan and Anna interview top motivational speakers, best selling authors, and industry experts aimed at inspiring their audiences to create their best lives. Speaking from experience, the team plays a vital role in providing stability as people learn to pivot in uncertain times. Creative collaboration and adaptability are our superpowers. We hope you'll partner with us to inspire millions more to discover their next great chapter.


Discover Your Potential:
Influence with a Heart
with Ben Gioia

Episode 3

In this episode of "Discover Your Potential," we're joined by Ben Gioia, author of "Influence with a Heart." Ben shares how empathy, purpose, and service can elevate lives and make a global impact. Focusing on human-centric influence, he offers practical strategies and anecdotes for becoming an influential leader with compassion. This discussion is essential for anyone interested in leadership, personal development, and making a positive difference. Learn to inspire change with integrity and compassion by tuning into this enlightening conversation.

For more insights from Ben, visit Influence With A Heart® at https://www.influencewithaheart.com

Discover Your Potential: Elevating Consciousness
with Jennifer K. Hill

Episode 2

Welcome to a new episode of "Discover Your Potential" where we explore the intersection of spirituality and everyday life. In this enlightening episode, titled "Elevating Consciousness," we're honored to host Jennifer K. Hill, a renowned figure known for her profound insights into spirituality and its integration into our daily experiences.

Discover Your Potential: Financial Alchemy
with Morgana Rae

Episode 1

Morgana Rae, international best selling author of “Financial Alchemy,” reveals the practical steps to becoming a “money magnet” and healing the rift between heart, spirit and prosperity.

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